Relationships are hard

You and your partner have chosen to be together because you connect with each other and you enrich each other’s lives in important ways. (or at least you used to). However over time, the connection feels strained and relating to each other difficult. Often times, this means that Communication problems and/or feelings of disconnection get in the way of finding joy and enrichment in your relationship.

Do any of the following statement sound familiar?

It seems like all we do is argue.

When we talk my partner never listens.

I can’t seem to explain what I need so my partner can understand.

We just stop talking but nothing ever gets resolved.

I think the love is still there but I haven’t felt it in awhile.  

I still love my partner but I haven’t felt connected or close to them in awhile?

We just haven’t be connecting or tending to our love because of kids, life stress, or seemingly no reason at all.

If any of these things sound familiar, couple therapy can help!

How I can help.

I want to help you and your partner to reconnect and find new ways to communicate that bring you closer together. I know there are things that need to be discussed and pain that needs to be witnessed before you can turn over a new leaf of connection.

I seek to provide a safe place for you to have those conversations. While my main focus it is to give you and your partner a safe place to talk, as part of that safety, I will serve as a mediator making sure the conversation stays productive and that both parties are heard and understood by the other.

We will also talk about what could be getting in the way of your connection and about how to communicate effectively to promote love and closeness rather than anger and resentment.

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