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I am here to help you find healing, self optimization and peace

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You have probably found me because life is overwhelming you in some way.

In my counseling, I will provide a safe place where you can share your troubles and we can find a path forward. I will listen with caring attention and you will know that you do not have to continue your journey alone.




Life Transitions

A life transition is a positive or negative event or change in circumstances that has a major effect on your life as a whole.

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Relationships are hard. We have chosen to spend our life (or at least part of it) with a person because we connect with them and they enrich our lives (or at least they used to). 

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I struggling to love myself and other and I am not sure why.

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ADHD in children and Adults

Whether the struggle in focus at school or work, behavior problems, struggling to participate with peers, to maintain the house or getting lost in a wash of strings emotions and sensory experiences, I can help you or your child manage your ADHD and thrive in your life.

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Life always has darkness and light. Together we will weave a story that honors all the parts of your life and helps you find a more balanced and meaningful life. Once we have explored your struggles and triumphs, you are likely to find that life offers more choices than you once believed. I am here to assist you no matter what challenges you may face.

Counseling Services 

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples Therapy

  • Family Therapy 

  • Play Therapy for children.


  • Life transitions

  • Developmental trauma.

  • Adult ADHD

  • Childhood ADHD

  • Communication

  • Disconnection

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