My partner and I are losing the connection, or have already lost the connection, that brought us together.


In the beginning, it was exciting and easy to connect as you got to know your partner. It seemed like you had more time for each other maybe that was actually true or you just managed to make more time for each other. As time went on, life got busy, things happened and now you feel distant and it’s getting harder and harder to connect like you used to. In the time of cell phones and social media, even when you are physically together you may not truly be in connection with each other. Maybe you know what caused the relationship troubles or maybe it somehow just happened over time. Either way, you are not connected like you used to be. You want to reconnect, but you are unsure how to rekindle your romance.

How I can Help

Therapy will give you time together with no distractions to focus on each other. It’s my job to hold the space and make it safe for you be in connection again. I will be there to support both of you as we explore what caused the connection to break down in the first place and we will work together to find a path forward in rebuilding your connection with each other and rekindling that spark that made you fall in love in the beginning.  

Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling is also a place to have difficult conversations that may have been keeping you apart. If you need to argue, I can serve a mediator to be sure the conversation stays productive and you both are heard and understood by the other. We can also work on new communication strategies to help you both learn ways to express your needs and listen to those of your partner so you can stay connected for years to come. Let’s work together to give you the relationship help you need to get back to those initial feelings or maybe something even better.

Ready to take the next step?