Why is my life so hard?

Adulting is hard especially if you have ADHD because we struggle with many daily tasks that many people don’t even have to think about. I have ADHD myself and I know how hard is it to feel successful in my everyday life because the little things feel so hard. However I also know that my ADHD helps me see the world in different beautiful ways and it is part of who I am.

Do you struggle with:

  • Keeping up with housework (dish, laundry etc)

  • Starting a task/ project

  • finishing a task/project

  • Prioritizing tasks at work

  • Forgetting appointments or tasks (doctor’s appointments, errands like (picking up things from the store or leaving the house with everything you need for the day/party/visit etc)

  • Being on time

  • Feeling overwhelmed by emotions

  • Being unable to focus on a task despite your best efforts

  • Feeling overwhelmed by sensory input (bright lights, loud sounds, strong smells, itchy fabric)

  • Feeling overwhelmed in sensory rich environments (the grocery store or other large store, a loud sporting event, crowded restaurant)

  • Feeling competent at work

  • being a good romantic partner

Don’t worry you are NOT lazy, stupid, or “too sensitive”, you have just have ADHD, which means your brain works a little differently than the average human. The good news is together we can work on managing these things and helping you continue to become the awesomely unique, smart, capable person that you are.

As Difficult as ADHD can be, it brings some gifts, including creativity, unusual solutions to problems, hyperfocus, the ability to focus for hours on somethings you find interesting.

How I can Help

I believe the gifts of ADHD should be embraced and the challenges managed. Together we will explore both the gifts and the challenges your ADHD and work on both. Together we will work to maximize the gifts of your ADHD and minimize the struggles with strategies to help you succeed in life.

Based on how ADHD is affecting you, we may work on sensory integration and regulation, building routines , emotional regulation, good communication, and feeling confidence and competent with your unusual brain. Another big piece of ADHD management includes strategies for improving executive skills, those little everyday things ADHD brains struggle with, like starting, prioritizing and, finishing tasks, establishing routines and remembering things outside of our routines.

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