Why can’t my child focus?


Does your child struggle with ADHD or other learning disabilities? If so, I have the experience and expertise to work with your child through these struggles.

In early elementary school, I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dysgraphia (a writing learning disability). I received fantastic support from my parents and teachers throughout my school years. I learned skills that helped me achieve success, including how to advocate for myself. My teachers were able to understand that my brain received information differently so they adapted things to meet my needs as well as showing me the gifts of my unusual brain. I am where I am today, in large part because of their support, so now I pay it forward.  

I will empower your child to be successful, to both manage things with which they struggle and find the gifts in their uniqueness. And I will help you provide the support and tools for your child making them successful both at home and at school. It is my experience with ADHD symptoms, and the special education system as a student and as a professional that makes me confident that I can help you navigate it so your child receives what they need to succeed.

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